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Lucian Nastase started his bee operation in Lincoln, CA in 2007.  It was a rough start with our bees having a huge bee fight over food that first summer.  California summers can be tough on bee colonies.  We were very discouraged & thought we would not make it as bee keepers.  Since that initial scare, our bee operation has continued to grow as we have continued to learn & build on our experience.  We now have thousands of hives & have workers that are expert bee keepers (up to third generation bee keepers).  We operate in CA over the winter months & in ND when the weather is to brutal for the bees in CA.

Our business is a family affair & even the little ones love putting on their bee suits & getting their hands into the hives.  They love searching for the "princess" (the queen) & tasting the delicious honey straight from the hive.

We sell our honey in bulk as well as bottle & sell it directly to you (our local loyal customers).  Our honey is 100% raw unfiltered honey, nothing added or removed and straight from our very own bees.  We hope you enjoy it as much as we do.

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