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Our honey is raw, unfiltered & delicious.  Pure honey will not spoil unless it is contaminated with another substance.  Our raw unfiltered honey naturally contains pollen, propolis, wax flakes & natural enzymes.  It is great for seasonal allergies & is a natural antibiotic.

Raw unfiltered honey naturally has wax flakes which are not only harmless but actually beneficial.  
Raw honey is a natural product & may crystallize. It may be eaten as is or re-liquefied by placing the container in near boiling water.


Our orange blossom honey is harvested in early spring after the oranges bloom.  It is a light, sweet & delicious honey.  Great for teas & baking & just eating with a spoon.


Our starthistle honey is harvested in late summer after the starthistle gives its nectar.  It is wonderfully smooth & very unique in flavor.


Our wildflower honey is the one that tastes most like the tradition honey found in stores.  It is great for teas & coffees & great for allergies.

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