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As beekeepers, we have always had trouble finding boxes & frames that would stand up to the normal wear & tear of a beekeepers activities.  We have had our frames fall apart either when pulling them out of the hive or when extracting the honey.  So we set out to come up with a solution for this very common problem for the modern beekeeper.


We sell quality boxes & frames that will not break with normal beekeeper use.  The boxes are strong & will not warp in the elements & the frames will not fall apart during honey extraction & hive maintenance.


Our boxes are made out of furniture wood.  They will not warp & split in the elements.   They are screwed together not stapled which helps them last much longer than the average bee box. They are primed & painted and delivered to you ready to use.


Our frames are made from quality wood & glued & nailed together so that they will not disassemble when pulling them out of the hive or when extracting honey.  


Select your favorite maker for the frame inserts.  Like Pierco? No problem.  Prefer Aacorn, we can do that too...

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